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Health & Safety

COVID-19 UPDATE: Please note we are continuously updating and monitoring the government guidelines.

Due to the recent annoucements, we are working with reduced capacity levels. We strongly advise that you book prior to your arrival at Fun Arena, as we would not want you to be disappointed due to limited availability. Following the government guidelines, we can not allow more than group bookings of 6. We ask that you adhere to this rule whilst attending Fun Arena.

Tables within our eating areas are currently distanced by 2 metres, we can only allow a maximum of 6 people from no more than two households.

At this present time, we kindly ask that all adults wear a mask entering Fun Arena. Masks do not need to be worn whilst in play on the equipment or when seated in the restaurant. Children under the age of 11 are not required to wear masks.

Our main priority at Fun Arena is our passengers! We have taken extra safety steps to ensure we are following all COVID-19 steps correctly to make your visit as safe as possible.

The following steps will be taken when you arrive at the arena:
Temperature checks - for all customers and members of staff.
Sanitising stations - these will be positioned around the arena to allow regular use for all of our customers and staff.
Reduced capacity levels - With the following annoucements we are now working with a 50% reduced capacity.
Social distancing is in place - The arena will be clearly marked out with 2 metre distance guidance. Including within our seating area.
Bookings - you have the ability to book your visit through our online booking page. We strongly advise you book prior to arriving at the arena, this is allows minimal contact.

Whilst we have enhanced our facilities to match with the COVID-19 requirements to make your visit as safe as possible, you enter the arena at your own risk.

We ask that if you have experienced any COVID-19 symptons that you DO NOT attend Fun Arena.


When you make your arrival at Fun Arena, you will be invited in by a friendly atmosphere, complete with the sound of laughter, the smell of freshly baked cakes and an air of exhilaration! But before we get ready for take off we must adhere to health and safety rules. Our number one priority is our passengers' safety!

The Arena

Our Arena is a whirlwind of fun, however, it can be dangerous if the following rules are not followed correctly. Safety rules will be displayed around the arena, and we ask that all passengers take the time to read and understand our procedures. It is important all of our passengers watch our saftey video prior to arriving at the arena. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask a  member of staff.

DO NOT leave clothing lying on the arena, please use lockers provided
NO bouncing under the influence of drugs
DO NOT participate if you are pregnant or are suffering from any injuries.

The Fun Arena Team

Every member of our Fun Arena Team will be trained to ensure that all passengers within the arena have the maximum amount of fun within a safe environment. We have provided basic first aid training for all of our staff. Our staff will be situated around the arena to make sure all safety rules are being followed correctly.

If a member of staff feels a participant is not adhering to the safety rules, endangering themselves and others around them, they will be given a warning. If the participant continues to behave in an inappropriate way they will then be asked to leave the premises.

The Captain's Castle

We understand the excitement of exploring the Captain's Castle! However, we do ask that all passengers watch out for other bouncers at all times and follow the safety rules at all times.

SOCKS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES – No bare feet. (No grip socks can be worn)
Always slide whilst seated, feet in front of you. DO NOT slide down head first.
Only one person to go down at a time on the drop slides.
Ensure that the slide exit is clear before starting your slide.
NO rough play, wrestling, tackling or shoving
NO sitting or lying on the inflatables
NO food, drink or chewing gum allowed on the castle.
DO NOT attempt any move beyond your own skill level
Remove all items from your pockets before entering the arena
NO keys, keychains, sharp or pointed items on the arena
NO belt buckles or studs on clothing
We also recommend the removal of all jewellery
DO NOT participate if you are pregnant or are suffering from any injuries

Sky Fort

It’s a magnificent maze of ladders, slides and unexpected obstacles for only the finest of navigators and trained pilots. We do ask that you:

DO NOT jump off the climbing wall, only climb down.
DO NOT attempt to climb over the top of the climbing wall.
DO NOT push past other people through the nettings.

Toddler Land

ONLY those aged under 5 are permitted in this area.
Parents must supervise their children within this area at all times.

Please Note:  All participants must complete a Waiver Form before the use of any equipment.