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Toddlers Soft Play

Welcome to Burscough's largest indoor inflatable play arena, which has taken 12 months to design and build from the ground up - creating a fantastic fun themed experience for toddlers, teens and adults of all ages. You can view our safety video here.

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What To Expect

Hop across the Martian landscape, challenge your friends on the Hoop Shootouts, scramble through nearly 200ft of Adrenaline pumping assault courses, lead the charge through the Bish Bash Field, and scream down the Helter Skelter. But watch out - don't get lost in our Mind-Bending Maze!

We know the Captains cadets don't give up so easily! Face your fears with our Scramble and Sprint Walls that will test your stamina to the limit, and what is any training ground without air to ground exercises - stand in awe at our 18ft Super Slide and master your air landing with our Parachute Drop Zone.

Meet the Captain

Captain Wilks' always liked the way things looked from the sky. He was an adventurous pilot that couldn't quite give up the adrenaline rush that came with flying, even long after he retired. Failing to get used to having two feet on the ground again, Captain Wilks' began experimenting in his workshop desperate to find a way to get back into the clouds.

He worked for days, sometimes long into the night, to build himself a custom plane and set up all the necessary test equipment he would need, including a large inflatable landing pad to cushion his fall as he tested out his new machine.

One day, during a successful test run of his latest model, he climbed higher and higher into the sky before bursting through the clouds in triumph. However, when he looked around he suddenly found himself flying over unfamiliar territory. Expecting to look down and see his workshop beneath him, Captain Wilks peered out to see a huge castle surrounded by guards. "A castle in the clouds?"The Captain thought, quite bemused at this new landscape, "I'd better go and explore!"